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Go ALL Natural with Sno-To-Go!
Last year we started searching for natural flavor alternatives for two of our children who have food sensitivities. After a long and unproductive search, I decided to manufacture my own ALL natural shaved ice syrup.
I use a combination of Dr Smoothie mix and pure organic cane sugar.
The result is a pourable shaved ice syrup that is sweet and refreshing!
This is a great alternative for birthdays or other events where the usual party foods and treats are usually not safe or hard to replicate.
Regardless of if you are struggling with ADHD, a child on the Spectrum, or other food allergies or sensitivities, these flavors are a great choice!
Some people order them because they are just so delicious and healthy!
Facts about Dr. Smoothie's 100% Crushed Whole Fruit purees:
  • No artificial flavors, artificial preservatives or artificial colors
  • Made from fresh, vine ripened fruit
  • Meet USDA's 100% fruit requirements
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals, with a specific focus on antioxidants
  • Fat Free
  • Non-dairy - lactose free
In addition, Sno-To-Go's ALL Natural Flavors are also 
Gluten, Soy, Egg and Nut FREE!
Add ALL Natural Flavors to your next party or event, pricing starts at an additional $25.00 and depends on total needed.
Serve solo or in addition to our regular menu.
(Self-pay events add $1 to the size you are ordering.)
Advanced Order Required, as flavors are made fresh that day!
Currently Serving:
(MIX AND MATCH Flavors!)